DTF Transfer (Textile), HD DTF Film Malaysia

Embark on a journey of modern printing excellence with DTF, which stands for "Direct to Film" or "Direct to Fabric." This innovative technique revolutionizes the printing process by directly applying designs onto films or fabrics, unlocking a world of possibilities for vibrant and enduring prints on diverse surfaces. Renowned for its ability to deliver high-quality results, DTF printing excels in capturing fine details and maintaining color accuracy, making it a preferred choice for customizing textiles and promotional items.

Experience the seamless fusion of technology and creativity as DTF printing brings your designs to life with precision and brilliance. Whether you're looking to enhance garments or personalize promotional objects, this method ensures striking outcomes that stand out. Elevate your printing endeavors with DTF, where quality meets versatility, and partner with us to turn your ideas into visually stunning and durable realities.

HD DTF Transfer (Textile)

Product Code : DTF FILM

Weight : 0.1000KG

We offer two convenient options: a bundle of 50 pieces and a bulk package of 100 pieces, all at a highly competitive price. Are you interested but unsure about how to place an order? Click here for assistance.

*Only accept PNG, PDF, or AI Illustrator files*
RM 0.00 RM 0
* Minimum Order : 1.0000
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